One-On-One Personal Training

VIVE’s Personal Training Program will provide exactly what its name implies – a personalized workout program based on the results of your fitness assessment and your health/fitness goals. You will meet individually with your coach on a regular basis to be guided through workouts designed to get you the results you want. As part of this customized program, you will also receive recommendations for workouts such as cardiovascular workouts, group exercise classes to attend, flexibility routines, etc., to be done on days you are not meeting with your coach that will help you reach your goals even faster. This complete workout package will be completely customized to meet your schedule and your needs.

In Vive’s One-On-One Personal Training Program, one of our coaches will meet with you to discuss the results of your FITSTART Assessment and your goals and, together, you will come up with a workout schedule that suits your needs. Your workouts will be designed specifically for you, whether you are working out to lose weight, overcome an injury, training for a sport, or just looking to be healthier. No matter your goal, our Personal Coaches are experts in the field and are excited to help you reach your goals.


5 Pack | 60 minutes
10 Pack | 60 minutes
NEW 20 Pack | 60 minutes
NEW 10 Pack | 30 minutes


No matter what your fitness history is, your health goals cannot be accomplished without the proper plans and actions. We understand that some people move at a faster pace than others, but no matter your pace, VIVE will be there to answer any questions you may have along the way. A lot can be accomplished in three weeks… and you’ll find that out first-hand. No more hesitation; it’s time to discover your best-self today with Onboarding.

The benefits of coming aboard with Onboarding

  • At VIVE, we believe that structure and guidance is what builds a solid foundation that will support you throughout the entirety of your road to accomplishments.
  • Onboarding will allow you to try both our private one-on-one training with our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, as well as our small group classes that will not only help you reach your strength or fat loss goals, but will also help build teamwork skills and comradery.
  • It doesn’t matter what your experience level is when it comes to fitness; there’s always new things to learn and to implement into your own fitness repertoire that will make you as well- rounded as possible.


For more information contact Tom Shaver, Jr., Fitness Director 570.371.3572 or