Words and Actions

I am sure that everyone has had the experience of speaking with someone and although they are talking to you about one thing, they are really trying to tell you something else. Sometimes it is a really positive thing and often times it is not. At times, I sit back and try to hear both sides of a story and realize that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The only bad part is that some people tend to blurt things out or act a certain way and don’t realize how their words and actions can actually hurt someone else. Sometimes the person saying hurtful things has been hurt or wounded in their own lives and they say things or act out to make themselves feel more powerful, when in reality, they are just empowering themselves at the expense of someone else’s wellbeing.

We are all human beings and often times what may be a joke to us may not be to someone else. Our words and actions can sometimes be overpowering and hurtful especially when on the receiving end of a gesture or comment. This may not be our intent when we speak or act a certain way, but sometimes this is how our words or actions are interpreted by someone else.

Words and actions can be motivating, empowering, but they can also be hurtful and belittling. No one deserves to be put down or made to feel like they are any less than they actually are. It takes a lot of time and life experience to build a person’s integrity, character and every fiber of their being. It is important before we say things or act out to be aware and ask ourselves – will this hurt the other person or would I be hurt if someone said this or acted this way toward me?

In this month of October, please try to make a concerted effort to remember to stop and listen and really pay attention to your words and actions. It is important to remember that someone else is on the receiving end of our voice and our actions. Most importantly, to be cognitive of the fact that no one should knock down someone else just to make themselves feel better. We are ALL a work in progress, and we need to appreciate what all people bring to the table and have to offer in general. It may be something small or it may be something larger than life!