Women are a unique group of people that are bonded together in a sort of sisterhood way just from the sheer commonalities that they experience in their lives as women. Some women have no children and have no desire to experience that side of life. There are also the women who can’t wait to have children and want to have a family as soon as they can. Some women can’t have children due to physiological and biological reasons, but we all share a common bond of being a female. Throughout our lives we share stories about our experiences and it seems to form cohesiveness amongst us.

We are very different and we come in all different shapes and sizes with emotions that range from the surface to deep into the abyss. We often hear from our male counterparts that we are too sensitive or we make things larger than they seem, but I feel women just view things differently than men. We tend to deal from a place in our hearts and we often look at things through the eyes of a nurturer. We have been blessed with an intuition given to us from a higher power. I think this makes us different in that men tend to want to fix things whereas women tend to incorporate how they feel about a situation before they act or give advice.

Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs in life. We as women are never fully prepared for what and who is about to impact our lives. We carry our babies and develop a bond that is quite frankly, unbreakable at times. It is the bond we also feel towards other women-sisters in the world. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, but being a woman can also be difficult. On the other side of the coin the job of a mother can also be very rewarding just like being a woman can. To be a mom one must become selfless which is the hardest part.  Sometimes it’s by choice, and other times, well it’s just the way it is!

Being overwhelmed at times is part of of being a mom and a woman, but we somehow get through it and evolve into something stronger. When my children were younger their pediatrician had a conversation with me about being a new mom and “He said you first need to nurture yourself then you will be able to give to your children and others”. “I think as women we tend to give so much from our hearts and take on so much of other people’s problems that we often forget about ourselves”. We are so busy taking care of everyone else that we feel who has time to take a moment and spend it just on me??

Another important thing this physician pointed out to me was that I was the female role model for my children and what I taught them would be there template for how women should be perceived. He continued to share that, “children are born with blank slates”. “ It’s what we teach our children and what we write on these slates that helps mold and sculpt who our children actually become in life”. It’s true though…. disciplining, having fun, spending time with our kids that is what helps our children to become great well rounded adults. I think there was a grander scheme out there when a higher power made women become mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers. It’s our lifetime of being a nurturer as women and loving from our hearts that prepares us for these roles. I guess someone up there felt they wouldn’t have it any other way.

So in this month of May be kind to all the women in your life and be grateful for them because they serve a pertinent role in our lives. Especially your mother if you still have her, cherish her and realize, although none of us are perfect, we as women really do give and love completely from our hearts. Even though the road of being a mother was difficult at times I never ever regretted all the wonderful and fulfilling experiences that came from it. I feel the same about being a woman as well. It’s all the emotions of empathy,fear, patience and love that I have experienced as a woman that has made me appreciate my sexuality. To all the women out there and our mothers may you have a Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you continue to nurture YOU and experience every wonderful moment of being a woman and doing the greatest job ever ………..being a WOMAN – MOM.