Surge Power

In Kinetic Surge training sessions, you will experience a dynamic and energizing workout designed to help you build lean muscle, burn body fat, and improve your cardiovascular conditioning, utilizing a wide variety of tools in our Functional Training Studio.

  1. Have fun in a challenging group training session!
  2. Lots of fat burning due to full body movements and the interval nature of the workout. This effect continues for hours after you complete your workout.
  3. Increase in lean muscle mass
  4. Improved cardiovascular endurance without the monotony of a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, etc.
  5. Using a wide variety of exercises and equipment means improved coordination, balance, and agility.
  6. Increase your core strength in dynamic, functional patterns, not just what you get from a basic plank pose or crunch.
  7. You’ll see increased “athleticism” in all leisure and recreational activities.
  8. Increase your flexibility and range of motion.