Kettlebells are ideal because they blend strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, dynamic core stability, mobility, flexibility, and balance into a kind of “condensed” training that translates into everyday life, your sport of choice, or a demanding job.

  1. Full body training using only one piece of equipment
  2. Improved total body strength and power, especially in the muscles of the posterior chain, which are your prime movers
  3. Done correctly, basic kettlebell movements will lead to improved low back health.
  4. Body fat loss due to the high metabolic demands of the workouts
  5. Improved posture and appearance from building muscle and strength in the “right” places
  6. Develop strength and conditioning that carries over to all other aspects of life, leisure, and sport
  7. Increase in lean muscle mass
  8. The unique nature of kettlebell exercises lead to increased functional mobility and stability through all movement patterns.