The Vision

S is for significance of individuality. We all bring something to the table at Vive.

T is for trials and tribulations. Every day we go through trials and tribulations not only in our work life but in our personal lives, too.

A is for allegiance. The true love and passion we feel for the fitness and wellness industry.

F is for forging onward and upward no matter what.

F is for fighters. We fight for what we believe in through our actions and thoughts and by carrying out the true mission of Vive.

I guess you are all wondering what this blog has to do with anything. The reason I’m writing this blog is for my staff at Vive health and fitness. I watch them work diligently for 363 days out of the year. They come to work willing and excited to serve our members and their clientele. I often see how even when a staff member is struggling in their own personal life, they come into Vive leaving their baggage at the door and forging onward and upward to help serve our members to the best of their abilities. I think coming to Vive when we are troubled sometimes helps us forget about our own lives while we are helping others.

I often take note of how each of them fight for what they believe in. When they know something will work with a class or a client, they have such a conviction to their beliefs of what will and will not work because they are on the pulse of our membership base.

Each person on our staff has something to add to this Vive Team. They constantly bring fresh and new ideas with the hope to implement! I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for the staff here at Vive. They are the people who step up to the plate every day to serve up the BEST customer service available. I could never create or carry out Vive’s vision without all of the people that make up my staff. So, thank you everyone for all your hard work, dedication, passion and the love for fitness and wellness. Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives!!! I hope this holiday season we can just appreciate and be grateful for the fact that we have crossed paths for a reason and that reason is to serve our members and to make Vive the best it can be. Thank you so much and I hope all of your families enjoy a loving, relaxing and wonderful holiday season. All the Best in Health and Fitness.