The Path

All of us have our own path to follow and our own journey to complete. Our lives often take twists and turns that knock us off this path. However, these “bumps in the road” often times guide us and help us to become better at who we are.

It is indeed interesting how some people around us want us to sometimes take a different path because they think they know what is best for us. In the end there is only one person that really knows you and that’s yourself. Only you can guide who you are and where you are meant to be. Sometimes we need to take the main highway and sometimes we are meant to take a road less traveled so we can learn and grow as an individual.

Some of us choose to never grow and some grow every minute of every day. That’s how we live in the moment and cherish what is in front of us because we never know when it may be gone! It’s kind of fun some days to see what is in store for us around the next corner and sometimes the lessons are painful and sad. The truth is…all of us need to stand and straighten our posture because it is YOU who is ultimately responsible for what is in your own back yard; not anyone else.

Everyone’s path is different; some are smooth and fast, others are slow and treacherous, and some are bumpy and all uphill. I do believe that it is how we perceive our lives that develops a path for our journey to travel upon.

On this path we meet so many different people. Some stay in our lives for a brief moment, others stay for a season, and some stay for a lifetime. These people that travel with us on our paths are there to teach us something not only about ourselves, but about life in general. So the next time you have someone close to you…STOP and take a moment to reflect and be grateful that they are in your life for a reason and that it is up to YOU to understand what that reason is.

I know because I am grateful for each and every person, including all of our members, that were placed upon my path to share my life’s journey. I often reflect and realize that they could have chosen to be anywhere else, but they have chosen Vive, and I am truly blessed for all the wonderful people who have been on my path for an entire year and who continue to help make Vive all that it was meant to be. For this, I have to say thank you to all of our members for making this the BEST year ever in my life, and I hope we have done the same for each and every one of YOU!

So in your quiet moments, come to understand that not only do you have people in your life for a reason, but you were also placed into someone’s life and onto someone’s path for a purpose and a reason as well. Enjoy your travels!