The Passionate Art

The art of being passionate about something may be an ideal that we strive for throughout our lifetime. I often hear people express their wish to find either a job or calling that they are passionate about doing. I reflect back on my dreams and ultimate decision to open VIVE, and I can tell you that I can’t really give you a straight answer other than I just felt and believed so strongly about it being the right thing to do with every fiber of my being. I get such joy and satisfaction from sharing my dream with others, that it really doesn’t feel like a job or work to me.

I guess part of being passionate about something is unexplainable. It just comes from a feeling that we believe to be right and true. Other times it is about our upbringing and lessons that we have experienced on our journey through life. At times we get it through the feeling of competition and other times it just comes from being able to see something to fruition and how it helps and effects other people’s lives.

When we are passionate about something, it just overflows into everything and everyone around us. It is kind of a natural occurrence because it has nowhere else to go, but out to others.

It is hard for me to fathom sometimes that someone can’t be passionate about their job, family or something else in their life. It is truly a great feeling and what makes life worth living. Being passionate about something can’t be taught and should come naturally. When you truly BELIEVE in what you are doing, you won’t even have to struggle because it will come to you just like breathing. Whatever your passion may be…nourish it…cherish it…and most of all let it out to be shared with others. It is the passion inside YOU that helps motivate and inspire others. So next time you feel your passion welling up inside you…shout it out and share with the people around you, because it may just give someone else that nudge or inspiration to find the art of their passion!