The Light of Spirit

The true spirit or essence of who we are is something that is within each one of us and is made up of the principles we stand for, our personal beliefs, and the rules and regulations we follow in life. Many times, these are things our parents taught us at a very young age and throughout our upbringing. When I think about it though, it seems like we don’t let our true spirit shine through hardly enough because of the cloudiness life experiences can bring.

I believe that we all have an untarnished spirit deep within us that has never been broken. A part that is trusting, loving, and open. It is through life experiences that our views are shaped and molded evident in how we act throughout our lives. Often times, we dislike or judge others for the way that they act, but that is NOT who they truly are either. It is up to us to see through the veil of their life experiences and truly visualize the potential of another human being. It’s sad and unfair to judge others from a snippet of time we spend and experience with them without really getting to know who they truly are.

It’s difficult to sift through someone’s baggage and embrace and understand that this isn’t the true essence of this person, but rather, life experiences that have shaped this individual. It’s unsettling that we stop trusting and believing in the human side of people just because their life experiences might have tarnished them and closed some part of their heart. If you examine the behavior of children, you will notice that they are open, honest, trusting, and loving to everyone around them. This is because their hearts are open to all, and they lack the ability to judge others.

Maybe for the month of April, we can all reflect on which experiences have closed our hearts. Then, let’s move on to express gratitude for the true essence we feel inside. If we become more aware of who we really are, then we can understand ourselves and others much better and more fairly. Just consider it some SPRING cleaning for the soul!