“The Journey”

We have many journey’s in life, but the one I’d like to focus on is the journey to fitness.

People tend to often overlook the journey. The space of time where we self badger ourselves for having a setback or the place where we talk ourselves out of exercising and working harder.

This path (journey) is meant to teach us something about ourselves. It’s rolled out in front of us exposing all the cracks and potholes of our personalities. It’s when YOU as an individual pull yourself up time and again that the journey becomes a place  of learning. A place where you look back and say “I didn’t know I had it in me”! It is at these very rest stops that we learn virtue, discipline and pride in ourselves and in our accomplishments. These are the junctures we should be enjoying.

The place where we appreciate the growth of our mind, body and spirit.

I cannot lie…. the journey can be arduous and filled with many peaks and valley’s, but it’s the accomplishments that make it so worthwhile to continue on our path.

So the next time you are tired or don’t think you can go on; take a deep breathe, reach deep down inside of yourself and push to be your BEST one more time……it will bring you that much closer to your goal and make your journey to fitness that much more worthwhile because YOU are worth every struggle of EVERYDAY!!!

The most important point to take from this journey is that it’s never ending…..there is no final goal. We are always re evaluating and assessing our lives so we can strive to become our very best. We are like artists in that we are always sculpting and molding our mind, body and spirit. Give gratitude and really take time to appreciate the lessons on your journey because they are filled with the thirst for change.

EMBRACE your journey and I’ll see YOU on the path………


All the Best in Health and Fitness,

Diane Insalaco