The heart is one of the hardest working organs in the body; it pumps large amounts of blood to our lungs to get oxygenated and then it continues its work by pumping it to the rest of the body. This little tiny organ does so much and yet at times it’s the most abused.

Intertwined with the hard work of the heart are our emotions. They play a part in our hearts like when it sometimes feels sluggish or heavy when we are upset about a loved one, or the stress we feel when our hearts are just not that into something we are doing. On the other side of the spectrum the heart has a magnificent POWER too. The strength it exudes everyday not only in what it accomplishes physically, but how it can feel for another person. When our heart is filled with love it can be the most powerful instrument in the body.

It’s when we deal from a place of love in the heart that we share a part of ourselves that can never be duplicated by another. The source of its power comes from the passion we feel for something or someone that comes from deep within our souls. It’s this unique light that comes from within that others are attracted to and want to be closer to. Some of us have it and don’t even know it ……and others try just to attain it.

It’s amazing that we can hold a heart in our human hands and massage it to get it beating again, but yet sometimes we lose sight of how essential this tiny little pump is to our well being. It’s important to remember to nurture our hearts not just from a fitness and wellness perspective, but also from a spiritual level. Treating others from a standpoint of goodness and gratitude is where our true hearts should operate from. It’s when we as humans show that we have a heart that we get so much in return in our own lives. As humans it’s important to try and not become bitter about our views on LOVE for it is the broken heart that allows light in, but the heart that has never loved and lost that atrophies and dies.

So in this month of February…remember how very amazing our HEARTS really are; not only from a fitness and wellness standpoint, but also from an emotional platform as well. It is from this emotional level that we get the most gratification. There’s nothing like the feeling of LOVE for another. It’s what warms our hearts and helps to project our BRIGHT light from within outwardly to others.