The Emotional Connection

Have you ever met someone that you just click with right away? You seem to have this special bond with this person and no matter how much time elapses in between seeing them, you both just pick right back up where you left off. Some people call it a kindred spirit and others call it a connection. Then there are others we meet and no matter how hard we try, we can never connect with them. I would like to focus on the first one for the purpose of this blog.

That connection happens for a reason. Is it that we have the same outlook on life and people, or is it because we empathize with that person because they remind us so much of ourselves? I’m not quite sure myself, but I do know that it is important to dial in on HOW and WHY you connect with certain people and not with others. I mean, in reality, don’t we all want to feel connected or close to another person and don’t we all want to be accepted, understood and heard by others. I know I do, but more importantly how much do we cultivate and nurture those important connections?

We all tend to scurry around throughout our day doing busy things and using our technology, but I really believe we have forgotten how to socialize and talk to each other. I know technology is supposed to help us stay connected, but does it really? You can’t hear someone’s inflection in their voice through an email or text and more often than not, replies get misconstrued and misunderstandings begin to develop. When was the last time we actually really put our phones, laptops or computers away and really listened to our friends, family and the people we connect with. You can’t text or send an email to your pets, so how is it that we connect with our furry friends but yet find it challenging to connect with another human being. Yes, we have choices as human beings, but there is nothing like a debate amongst friends or a good belly laugh with family, or better yet, the warmth and love only another human can give to another.

So with the arrival of warmer, spring-like weather, let us all really try to nurture and renew our connections with one another. Let us really be grateful that we have those special connections, because to tell you the truth, some people have no one. One of the reasons for this is that certain people push others away so they don’t have to do the hard work of having an emotional connection. So unless you like being alone…open your heart this month and let all the emotional connections and love come to you!