If you look at the word backwards, it says “Giving Thanks”. What does it mean to give thanks? Does it simply mean saying thank you to people when they do something polite or kind for you or is it something deeper than that? I guess we all have our own interpretation, but to me it has a much deeper meaning.

The real essence of Thanksgiving is that it is so simplistic, but yet so meaningful because there is very little commercialization of the  holiday. To me, showing thanks and gratitude is a vital part of life and sometimes not enough of us actually think about it and do it. I’m not really sure why more people do not realize all the good things they have in their lives and give thanks. To me, this is a crucial part of life. To be able to sit in silence and really think about ALL we have been given and in our hearts really appreciate them. I am not strictly talking about all the superficial things, although we need to give thanks for those as well. I am talking about the everyday things we take for granted like our health and how we are able to exercise, participate in a group class and break a sweat, or just simply take a deep gratifying breath. These are the things that need to be reflected upon more often. We should be grateful for our jobs or the people we work with every day. There’s a bigger reason why all these people and things are in our lives, and it’s important to “GIVE THANKS” for them because we may never know when they might be taken from our lives.

When we slowdown in life and really listen to our inner voice and focus on all the wonderful things in our lives, it is then, and only then, that we really view life differently and feel grateful and blessed for ALL we have been given.

If YOU can…just take a moment throughout this month and reflect on YOUR life and what matters to you and “GIVE THANKS”. I promise you will start to see a difference like” MAGIC” in how you view things and how YOUR life progresses. This thing we call life is truly something to be GRATEFUL for.