Suzanne Krispin

October 11
I love this gym.
#1 it's clean!
#2 the staff makes you feel at home.
#3 Dana! I couldn't do it without her, she's by far the best trainer that
I've personally worked with.
#4 the equipment is new
#5 LOVE the showers and sauna room

Sharon N.

I am no Spring Chicken
OK, I’ll be honest. I am no spring chicken. I’m a woman in my 60s and a business owner with a hectic schedule. I made a decision recently to cut into my precious work schedule and address my overdue health and fitness issues. Vive is the perfect fit. There I discovered the Gravity Training System.

Theresa D.

Kettlebell Kamp Never Gets Boring
The Kettle Bell Kamp at Vive is a very challenging, yet enjoyable group personal training session. In every workout, you combine techniques learned in your first workout with new techniques in subsequent workouts in order to create challenging and unique workouts. This way, your workout never get boring, which makes it easier to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Rhonda Bantell-Thomas

February 20
I absolutely love Vive! Hands down the best fitness center in the area. It is so clean, tons of free weights and machines, a smoothie bar, and friendly people. The entire staff is great and so helpful!!! The trainers are very knowledgeable and always help me when I have questions about training. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Anne P.

A Huge Plus to my Membership at Vive
There is a simple elegance to full body fitness with kettlebells that is really appealing. A kettlebell session seamlessly connects conditioning and strength-building exercises and is a great alternative or break from a machine-delivered workout. Meeting up with Tom for his kettlebell-focused workouts has been a big plus to my membership at Vive.

Lori Lee Halteman

February 26
This Fitness Center has all the Best machines. It makes a person want to stay half the day. The smoothie bar is great. The sauna is a perfect end before a fabulous shower. Best gym I've ever been to in my life. Vive has everything I could possibly need.

Len J.

Improvement in Muscle and Cardiovascular Endurance
I’ve been participating in Dana’s Kinetic Surge groups for over one year. I have seen significant improvement in the amount of muscle and its definition. Unlike traditional resistance exercise, I have had the added bonus of a significant increase in cardiovascular endurance. The workouts are challenging, but fun. It is a great group activity. I do it with my family and friends.

Louise Menendez

January 19
I join the gym a year ago. I had 2 back surgeries and was reluctant to trust someone who knows how or has the experience to work with someone with back issues. I started my workouts with trainer, "Brent" he was great! He created a routine to strengthen my core and my back has never felt better. I continue my workouts and even added some classes.

Greg Holl

January 13
Very helpful and friendly staff. People knowledgeable in every aspect of health and fitness. Everything you need to help start or further, your health or fitness goals is there at your disposal. Would definitely recommend to others.

Courtney C.

I am Stronger and Healthier Because of Her
I have been training with Dana for 9 months and have seen amazing results during this time. I have lost significant weight and inches during this time. I Personal Strength train with Dana three times a week and I do Metabolic Rev and Kinetic Surge for cardio and endurance. Dana is passionate about fitness and it shows in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to each session.
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