Surge Fitness Surge training is VIVE’s answer to bridging the gap between impersonal group exercise classes and the personal touch of one-on-one private training. Surge training gives you the excitement and energy of working out in a group setting while still getting personalized attention from our staff of nationally certified trainers. All classes will provide you with an arsenal of innovative equipment to incorporate into your workout. You can decide what style and approach of training you prefer by choosing from the following:

Surge Strength – high-powered workout geared towards developing functional strength and building fat-burning lean muscle mass. These workouts can be utilized by anyone in their exercise routine, and will leave you feeling powerful and ready to take on any other challenge in the gym or life.

Surge Fusion – a dynamic workout, incorporating strength training to build lean muscle tissue and calorie blasting cardio circuits. Surge Fusion is a complete workout that can be scaled to appropriately challenge any fitness level.

Surge Conditioning – a high-energy, fat-burning workout designed to torch calories. Open to any fitness level. You’ll only be limited by how hard you push yourself!