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Tom Carroll

I suffered a Brain Injury in a car accident in 1985.  My Brain Injury affected me mostly in my physical limitations. I will have to workout the rest of my life.  My story can be found

When did you join VIVE?

About 30 months ago.

What are your goals?

Constant improvement of my coordination and basic living skills.

How did VIVE help you to reach your goals?

VIVE Motivating me by making every single day a worthwhile experience by being helped and helping others.

What are your future plans/goals since reaching these amazing milestones?

To start Toms Nutritional Supplements to make enough money to keep me out of poverty.

What is your advice to anyone looking to reach their fitness or health goals?

Get the greatest reward from your workout. It is best to be mindful of what you want to accomplish in each exercise.

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Jillian Shintz
February, 2016 When did you start at VIVE? I joined back in March of 2015. However, I did not start working on my fitness until May of 2015. How did VIVE help you reach your goals? Vive helped me reach my goals but putting me in for the FITSTART program with Corey Owen, VIVE Personal Trainer.
Kathleen Dougherty
November 2015 I started running about 7 years ago, at age 48, after a surgical procedure really took it’s toll on me mentally and physically. I started out running/walking, but soon began experiencing the “runners high”, and decided that although it would take work, I wanted to just run, and run longer distances. So the
Dominic Hockenbury
December, 2016 Dominic Hockenbury finished off his senior year by becoming the first District 2 boys athlete to win consecutive District 2 and PIAA Class 2A titles. He also is the Lake-Lehman long distance champion and 2015 Times Leader Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year. Hockenbury has always been
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