Sports Physical Therapy at VIVE

Sports Physical Therapy at VIVE

What do you know about VIVE? We are a full-service health and fitness club servicing Luzerne County. VIVE’s goal is to help people find their way to health and happiness.  

At Cawley, our professional sports physical therapy is individualized and comprehensive rehabilitation services that we offer each and every patient. Our facility is the go-to center when you need rehab and physical therapy. We have been providing care and movement programs to residents throughout Lackawanna and Luzerne counties for more than a decade. We are committed to providing each of our patient’s with a unique and individual service. We focus on treating all regions of the body and all kinds of orthopedic and spine issues.

We specialize in sciatica and spinal dysfunctions as well as balance, walking, and neurological disorders. What’s more, we are a Direct Access Care Provider so you can visit us and be seen within 24 hours without needing a prescription or referral. We are also Medicare certified and participate with many insurance carriers. We offer reasonable self-pay options, too.

Sports Physical Therapy for Your Injury

Do you have an injury? Perhaps you have been injured in a fall, or during an exercise session? Our therapists specialize in physical therapy for all parts of the body. We target all types of orthopedic disorders with specialization and special interest in sciatica and spinal dysfunctions, along with walking, balance, and neurological disorders. Whether you have been injured playing sports, fallen down and broken your ankle, had a knee or hip replacement, or suffered a neurological problem, be proactive and seek help from the professionals at Cawley.

Our health and fitness center provides you with many perfect options ahead for a full recovery. You can become a member of our club and get full access to our A-class equipment, amenities, and services at a reasonable price.  

Cawley Specialist Therapy Offers a Certified Specialist Program for Your Needs

Cawley Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab Center is your number one choice for all your physical therapy and rehabilitation needs. We offer the service of a certified specialist who will design a unique, individualized program for your rehab requirements. We have proudly been providing top-quality care and rehabilitation to residents of Lackawanna and Luzerne counties for 12 years and continue to stay up to date with the latest physio and rehab techniques and methods to ensure you receive the best possible service and recovery.

You also can select our 60-day revolution program to become healthier and happier. Taking into account your medical history, we will plan your nutrition and 60-day workout plan, which help you create your lifelong healthy habits.

The benefits of finding physical therapy places near me include:

  • Personalized physical therapy
  • Advanced physical therapy services
  • Progressive physical therapy programs
  • Specialized physical therapy for wellness
  • Locally-operated Cawley physical therapy and rehab center for your convenience
  • Certified specialists to help you with fast recovery
  • Advanced physio programs
  • No doctor referral needed
  • Easy cash or self-payment options
  • Quick appointments

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Suzanne Krispin

October 11
I love this gym.
#1 it's clean!
#2 the staff makes you feel at home.
#3 Dana! I couldn't do it without her, she's by far the best trainer that
I've personally worked with.
#4 the equipment is new
#5 LOVE the showers and sauna room

Sharon N.

I am no Spring Chicken
OK, I’ll be honest. I am no spring chicken. I’m a woman in my 60s and a business owner with a hectic schedule. I made a decision recently to cut into my precious work schedule and address my overdue health and fitness issues. Vive is the perfect fit. There I discovered the Gravity Training System.
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Tom Shaver, Jr.
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