Jan Ashford


My family and friends didn’t understand why I needed a dietitian to help me on my weight loss journey. After all, I am a fourth-year dietetics student! However, the nutrition services at Vive Health and Fitness are so much more than learning about food. The incredible registered dietitians at Vive helped me explore my own personal associations with how and why I eat. I went from being an emotional, mindless eater to someone who now focuses on nourishing her ever-changing body. With advanced technology (no body fat calipers here!) and one-on-one, closed-door weigh-ins, I never felt embarrassed, ashamed, or worried at my appointments. I have learned so much more than a classroom could ever teach me about how I could use food to actually accelerate my weight loss! And it’s been working … I have been safely loosing 1 pound per week for the last 15 weeks!

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