Irene Wendoloski


When I joined Vive, I joined with two specific goals: lose weight and get stronger and fitter. Just before Vive opened, I was ready to join a weight loss group. However, Vive offered everything I was looking for in one place. I met with Ed in October. I needed guidance to get me through the holidays. Every year, I would enter the holiday season at one weight and finish the holidays at a higher weight. This time I was determined to stop the cycle. Ed set me up on a plan and felt that 9 pounds was a reasonable amount to lose, taking into account the holiday season. It included a specific calorie count and specific ratio of protein to carbs. He assured me if I follow his plan I would lose weight. I entered all of my food intake and exercise information onto the exclusive website. I was able to enjoy the holidays with my goals in mind and balance all of my meals accordingly. By my last visit with Ed, I had met my goal. I lost exactly 9 pounds, despite the holidays. I am not done losing weight, but with Ed’s guidance I have the tools and education I need to continue my weight loss. It was wonderful working with Ed. Everyone at Vive is extremely supportive. They all ‘have your back’. Being able to meet with a nutritionist and exercise in one convenient location makes Vive the perfect place to accomplish whatever goals you may have.

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