Something “Bigger”

Throughout my lifetime, I have encountered many different circumstances and people. I have tried to learn from each of these circumstances and people because I believe it was life’s way of teaching me lessons to grow from within myself. When I am in a difficult situation, I try to always step back and look at the circumstance and learn from it or to see the lesson in it for me.

Although this happens often throughout our lifetime, there are times when circumstances or people come into our lives that teach us that they are a part of a plan that is much larger than ourselves. People or circumstances often step onto our path for a reason. It’s up to us to seek out what that reason is. I don’t believe in coincidences but I do believe that anyone and everything that is in our lives are there for a reason. Whether it’s to help us celebrate a happy time, or to help us get through a difficult one, or maybe it’s to simply learn from each other. It may be for an instant, it may be for longer, or it may be for a lifetime.

Funny part is . . . sometimes someone or something sneaks into our life that we can’t quite figure out why it has happened or why they came into our life, but it feels like this person or circumstance belongs here. It is kind of like it was meant to be a part of us. It’s a connection we can’t quite explain or give a label to, but we know instinctually that it is stronger and larger than we are and is meant to change us and become a part of the woven fabric of our being and our life.

If you have experienced this, take a moment to stop and reflect and be still in your mind and heart because it is rare and doesn’t happen very often. It is in our stillness that we are able to focus and give thanks for this circumstance or person because they are a part of something larger and of greater magnitude that was meant to be placed upon our journey’s path. They are put there to help us realize that we do not always have control of what happens in our lives. Sometimes there is a force out there that is much “BIGGER” than we are.

I hope everyone gets an opportunity to experience something or someone like this in their lifetime. If you haven’t . . . you WILL. You can’t look for it . . . it just happens and it opens our eyes to the fact that we are a part of a plan that is much larger than we are.

In this month of July let us reflect on our lives and learn the lessons and keep an instinctual awareness and eye out for something or someone who will play a part of greater magnitude in our lives. Respect it and appreciate it because it may not come around again!!

Hope all of YOU have a very Happy 4th of July and be safe!!!