Notoriously every January, many members in all different types of clubs across America crowd the floors of our centers to try and make a change in their lives. It’s the start of a New Year where they work out feverishly with the intention to change how their bodies look. The intention is usually to change the outward appearance of our bodies, but it’s hardly ever about how we can change ourselves from the inside out to become healthier.

We tend to focus on the superficial instead of focusing on what is actually holding us back from being our best on the inside. Sometimes it’s because of a lack of confidence in ourselves, or maybe we don’t put forth the effort to become better, and at times, it’s just the lack of education on how to work out or eat more nutritiously.

Exercise is purely the physical portion of the formula; the other parts are nutrition (85% of the equation) and our minds and how we relax them so they can focus more readily. It’s when all three are working in unison that we are like finely oiled machines.

It takes dedication and will power on our part and the belief that we are all capable of GREAT things. It’s at this point of fluidity that we experience the euphoric feeling of how we can work out and go on for hours……… the tipping point where we feel our mind and bodies are stronger than ever. Cardio, strength training, nutrition and our ease of mind are all crucial tools to help us achieve the best in ourselves. It takes patience and will of mind to not sweat the small stuff in life, like when we fall off our path. It’s not about how many times we fall down, but how many times  we are able to stand back up, learn the lesson and move forward that we realize and appreciate what a complex and miraculous machine our body actually is. These are the feelings you want to strive for in the NEW YEAR.

You will know this feeling when you have achieved it because it feels like no other feeling you’ve felt before. Once you have arrived at this point in fitness and wellness, you will start to see GREAT things change in your body and not just the physical portion, but the health and wellness of your fine machine.

So next time you fall off the path of your fitness …….try to remember all the UNBELIEVABLE things our mind, body and spirit do for us, every minute of every day. So when you are living in the here and now, cherish this very moment and REMEMBER….. It is a gift, that’s why we call it the “PRESENT.”