Pillars of Strength

We honor our Mothers on Mother’s Day and all year long, however, it often feels that our Fathers get short changed, and receive a ”watered down” version of our respect on Father’s Day. After all, they too have contributed to the lives of their children. I have always believed that there should be more attention paid to the men in our lives. They are the pillars of strength that stand beside us and keep us grounded. Fathers talk sense into their children as well as the women in their lives. They take on the role of strong disciplinary figures when needed. Yet they are the gentle men that help us see life from a different perspective.

Some men are quiet, and some are loud and goofy. Some are the “strong silent type” and others let us know in a straight forward way just what’s on their minds. I love and respect my Mother with all my heart, but my Dad and I have a different type of relationship. He shares his wisdom with me in a humble and affectionate way that makes me feel loved and supported. Although, I share similar moments with both my parents, I share more pure life experiences with my Dad.

My Mother has cried with me through the emotional times in my life, but my Father helps me see through the tears giving me good practical on how to move forward. He has always helped me to understand the concept of self-preservation, something a woman can’t always see and appreciate.

Thank you Dad, for all that you have taught me throughout my life, but most importantly thanks for making who I am today. In this month of June try to really appreciate the MEN in your life for all that they do for you and help celebrate the “Pillars of Strength” they are in our lives. Happy Father’s Day to all our VIVE Dads.