“Perception: immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment.”

The foregoing caption is the dictionary definition of perception. It amazes me the vast difference between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. They never seem to align with each other. Is it because what we see in ourselves we try to keep hidden from the public? Or is it our way of putting on a tough outer exterior so no one can see how vulnerable we actually are? It is kind of ironic how we think to ourselves that others appear so put together and that things come so easily to them. The reality is that they may struggle in life at times just like you and I do.

With regard to weight or wellness issues, it is always presumed that exercise, nutrition and wellness come easily to those who are in good physical shape. However, the truth of the matter is they struggle everyday just like we do. For example, there are plenty of rainy, snowy and tired days where they lay in bed trying to talk themselves into working out that day. Or maybe it’s the hectic day where they can’t seem to fit it into their schedules. These are the days that they tend to go deep within themselves and realize “I NEED THIS” to get me through my day. They do it because they know how their body will feel if they don’t. Through practice and time, this eventually turns into a healthy habit and lifestyle.

Even with injuries, the physically fit realize that exercise and nutrition is what helps their bodies to move and run more efficiently. It is the grease that helps their body to become more fluid in their everyday movements. Without it, we move slower and are less capable of completing our functional daily tasks.

So when we look at someone else, do we tend to chalk their physically fit body up to…“Oh, she just has good genetics” or “It just comes easy to him”? Try and stop for a moment and perceive the situation as it really is. That person works diligently and hard – day in and day out – to keep him or herself in tip-top shape. It may be for physical reasons, health reasons or merely to look and feel good. The REAL reason is because they know that exercise is what makes their body move a whole lot easier throughout their daily life. So set a goal this month and try to embrace the magical elixir of life…“EXERCISE”!