Why Nutrition

Our team of nutritionists takes a client-centered approach with emphasis on customized programs specific to the client’s needs. We provide an educational experience through nutritional guidance and support, making a healthier, nutrition-based lifestyle easy and effective.

“Individuals and habits are all different, and so the specifics of diagnosing and changing the patterns in our lives differ from person to person and behavior to behavior.”
– Charles Duhigg author of The Power of Habit

The nutrition program at Vive is structured around the theory of habit recognition and formation. Vive’s highly-qualified Registered Dietitians will assist you in making health and nutritional changes in your life that are meant to maximize weight loss, athletic performance and overall energy levels.

The program’s main goal is to change unhealthy habits to healthy habits over a period of time. Whatever your objective, we provide the tools, guidance and support you need to achieve your goals for a healthy lifestyle