Leanne Patara

  • January 28, 2015


“I want to thank Vive for helping me reach my goal weight; I couldn’t be happier! I could not have done this without the help I received from those at Vive. The staff is awesome and always there to help; the classes are so much fun; and everyone is so nice. I love being at Vive! Vive changed my life for the better. I feel like a brand new person. I want to thank my trainer Tom and my nutritionist Paul Sullivan. You guys were always there whenever I needed. The front desk staff is awesome, and I can’t forget to thank my Gravity trainer Connie! I am excited to keep strength training and working hard. Thank you so much for everything, Vive. It’s truly the best gym out there!”


Bob Chopick

  • Start: December 5, 2012
  • End: July 1, 2013
  • Total Weight Lost: 77 Lbs


“Vive nutrition services has been a very important tool in my life changing journey that I started in early 2012. Faced with various health issues, including sugar levels rising and my weight pushing close to 400 pounds, my lifestyle had to change. I started walking, exercising on my own and made an attempt to cut back on unhealthy foods. I had great friends and family support and was blessed with a best friend who pushed me and kept me on track. While I had success in 2012 walking and trying my best to eat healthy, joining Vive Health & Fitness in November 2012 is when my goals started to become a reality and my real transformation began. I started off with cardio machines, took some classes and found some success losing about 10–15 pounds in the first few weeks. One of the benefits of Vive is the Fit Start assessment. You meet with a personal trainer and nutritionist to assess your status and determine goals. I found both sessions very enlightening and encouraging and immediately signed up for nutrition services with Ed Ferkel. Without question, it was money well spent. Over the course of 6 months, I transformed both mentality and physically. I learned how to eat, what to eat and was able to lose about 80 more pounds. The one main piece of knowledge learned in this process was that fitness is a combination of both exercise and nutrition. Both are needed to maximize goals.

“When asked how I was able to lose 152 pounds from February 2012 to date, I have to say it is a combination of determination, support from the amazing people in my life and choosing the right health and fitness facility. A facility that not only has equipment and classes, but also personal training and nutrition services. I can simply describe Vive as the right environment for me to continue to grow, build confidence and to attain my fitness and nutrition goals. A second home. I felt comfortable right from the beginning with the tour from Whitney. The staff, trainers, nutritionists, class instructors and fellow members continue to inspire, push and support me on my journey.

“My journey continues today with strength training with Ed Ferkel. Armed with everything learned from Vive Nutrition Services and a wonderful facility, I will continue to meet and surpass my goals. Thank you. I cannot recommend Vive more highly. Take the step and begin your journey today. Start a two-week trial membership or mention my journey with Ed or Laura and get a free nutrition assessment.”

Melissa Shission

  • Start: January 2, 2013
  • End: September 4, 2013
  • Total Weight Lost: 56 Lbs


“I’ve been overweight and in the obese category for the majority of my teenage years and adult life; although in recent years, I’ve been at my heaviest and most out of shape. Ed and the nutrition program have been a god-send. Sure it takes time, hard work and an adjustment, but it is so worth it. I have much more energy. I no longer get fatigued during the work day. My husband has also lost in excess of 30 pounds and my kids are developing healthier eating habits. It’s a win-win for everyone. Never would I have thought this transformation was possible, but through the support of Ed, my family, my close friend/workout partner and the wonderful people at Vive, I was able to do this!”

Irene Wendoloski

  • Start: November 4, 2012
  • End: February 6, 2013
  • Total Weight Lost: 9 Lbs

“When I joined Vive, I joined with two specific goals: lose weight and get stronger and fitter. Just before Vive opened, I was ready to join a weight loss group. However, Vive offered everything I was looking for in one place. I met with Ed in October. I needed guidance to get me through the holidays. Every year, I would enter the holiday season at one weight and finish the holidays at a higher weight. This time I was determined to stop the cycle. Ed set me up on a plan and felt that 9 pounds was a reasonable amount to lose, taking into account the holiday season. It included a specific calorie count and specific ratio of protein to carbs. He assured me if I follow his plan I would lose weight. I entered all of my food intake and exercise information onto the exclusive website. I was able to enjoy the holidays with my goals in mind and balance all of my meals accordingly. By my last visit with Ed, I had met my goal. I lost exactly 9 pounds, despite the holidays. I am not done losing weight, but with Ed’s guidance I have the tools and education I need to continue my weight loss.

“It was wonderful working with Ed. Everyone at Vive is extremely supportive. They all ‘have your back’. Being able to meet with a nutritionist and exercise in one convenient location makes Vive the perfect place to accomplish whatever goals you may have.”

Jan Ashford

My family and friends didn’t understand why I needed a dietitian to help me on my weight loss journey. After all, I am a fourth-year dietetics student! However, the nutrition services at Vive Health and Fitness are so much more than learning about food. The incredible registered dietitians at Vive helped me explore my own personal associations with how and why I eat. I went from being an emotional, mindless eater to someone who now focuses on nourishing her ever-changing body. With advanced technology (no body fat calipers here!) and one-on-one, closed-door weigh-ins, I never felt embarrassed, ashamed, or worried at my appointments. I have learned so much more than a classroom could ever teach me about how I could use food to actually accelerate my weight loss! And it’s been working … I have been safely loosing 1 pound per week for the last 15 weeks!