New Beginnings

Sometimes we can’t wait for a year to end and other times we just want to hang onto the moment and never let go of it. The best part is that when a new year begins, we get to reach into our lives and into our minds and really examine what aspects we want to improve upon.

Perhaps it’s reviewing our physical activity or our diets, or both, and looking at what we can do better. It is another chance at being able to become healthy and making ourselves whole again. The hardest part for me is forgiving my own past mistakes and missteps instead of focusing on making changes to avoid doing them again and moving forward to make things better.

It is funny how the parts of a year just fly by…especially if we are enjoying ourselves and everything is humming along, but I think it’s when we are struggling in our lives that we really can’t wait for the year to end.

As we watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, some of us will be sad and some of us will be happy. I think when we ring in a New Year it gives us the chance to make and enrich our lives that much more. To become better than we ever have been before. This includes self-change so we can become healthier physically as well as mentally.

It’s important to remember as YOU start this New Year of 2014 that…it’s not about always letting go of what could have been, but it’s about giving way to our new lives of what can BE! We have the power to become the BEST we can be and we need to look at the fact that WE deserve to be in GREAT health…mentally, physically and emotionally. It is all three categories that help us to really function as an entire healthy individual. I hope in this New Year that YOU can achieve all YOU were meant to BE!!