From a woman’s perspective men come from a different place than women do. They are taught to be strong, stoic and even emotionless at times. They are taught to always try and fix things when something is broken. Funny thing is when we speak with the men in our lives about a problem, they immediately sit down draw out a plan or strategize to help eradicate the situation.  When in reality the only thing we want is to be heard.

The best thing about a man is the fact that they seem to always  level us out. They seem to bring a strong and lighthearted aspect to every situation which in turn help us to not dwell on things.

Men can be strong, kind, compassionate, some are sensitive, some are metro and coiffed and some are rough around the edges. They work hard, and at times play just as hard when out with friends. The part I like most about men is how they expose the little boys inside themselves always seeing the lighter side of life and the only thing they really ever want is to be appreciated and loved for all that they are.

I always admired the silent strength in my Dad and how he always took care of us and did it without expecting even a thank you. I never had to ask if he loved us because I just knew. He always had a warm side of his personality, generous to a fault, but yet had a strong nature about him.

One of our own staff is about to become a Dad for the first time. I’m not a Dad, but I am truly excited for him and all that he is about to experience with his first child. It’s hard being a Dad because sometimes YOU are the strong and calm voice of reason. At times it’s not easy being a father because no one wants to discipline their kids. Most times we just want to have fun with our kids, but being a true parent takes discipline, strength and a heart to filter it all through. It’s how our children grow up respecting the people around them.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you to all the men out there for bringing out the lighter side of life”. Keep being strong yet gentle because it is your strength that so much of us draw from and respect. YOU are our pillars, our rocks and our safety nets. Women sometimes tend to dwell on all that we do, but often forget all that our Dads, husbands, brothers, friends  and sons do for us. So please appreciate the GREAT things in your men and never take them for granted. Men need to be appreciated and loved just like the little boy in all men do. It’s when we are thankful for all our men do for us that they become the true remarkable human beings they are. Thanks guys and Happy Father’s day to all Dads!!