Melissa Wall


January 2016

How many years ago did decide to start your weight loss journey? 

I started in 2012, basically with some small changes in eating habits, and increasing exercise over time. I started out with walking shorter distances and gradually increased the distance and then began running.  With my eating habits, I started with switching from lots of cream and sugar in my coffee to drinking black coffee.  Then I gradually introduced more vegetables and fruits, and less unhealthy foods.  Once a change became routine, I would make another change until that change also became routine.

How did VIVE help you to reach your goals?  

When I started at VIVE last year, I was recovering from an injury and stuck on a plateau.  I’ve worked with Laura on helping to tweak my nutrition and eating habits and with Corey to help introduce weight training into my routine.  The numbers on the scale are finally going down again and my clothes are definitely starting to fit better.  I am currently training for my 5th half marathon.

What were your feelings about the experience and what are your future plans/goals since reaching this milestone? 

I’m still working toward my goals and have a little way to go yet.  But, I am feeling very determined and happy with my progress. So far, I have lost over 150 pounds.  I believe I will reach my final goals this year and will then continue to maintain my new healthy lifestyle.  I also would love to help others reach their health and fitness goals.

What is your advice to anyone looking to lose weight?

My advice to anyone trying to lose weight is to stay focused and keep going.  You will have plateaus or setbacks, but just don’t give up and keep going.  You’ll be happy you did.