“Dedication” by definition is the quality of being devoted or committed to something.

As most of you know being dedicated to our health and wellness is a daunting task. As we age, it is common to try and chase the hope that we will somehow find some magic elixir from the fountain of youth to stop the passage of time and remain forever young. However, in reality we all know that this is not possible, but it has been proven that our life-long journey to good health starts when we are at a young age and should continue throughout our lifetime.

The way to achieve good health and quality of life throughout our lives is to remain active physically, mentally and spiritually. One can achieve this through all forms of exercise, mind/ body work, and by continuing to read and be socially connected with others around us. Fulfilling all of these different aspects for one’s self tends to make life better and so much more enjoyable as we age.

All of these concepts sound great on paper, but how do we possibly achieve all of this, especially as we age and all the problems and stresses of life get in the way? It’s always easier to just sit on the couch and watch television, eat fast food, and let ourselves slide through life with the minimum of effort. Deep down we all believe that life should be more than this and with a little hard work and effort, we can achieve so much more. I think it’s important to never give up. Age is only a number and it does not and should not define who we are or what we can or cannot accomplish.

After doing your workout, ask yourself….do I have more energy?…. Do I feel more confident? ……Are my clothes feeling looser?…… Am I able to laugh again and forget about all of my problems for a little while? All the positive answers from these questions help us come to realize that we are on the right track. Most importantly, does all this effort towards your health and wellness make a difference in your life? If the answer is yes, then you are on your way to a better lifestyle that will serve you well into your golden years. Those of you that are already in your golden years, remember that it is never too late to start!

Along with the exercise component comes an additional benefit of meeting like- minded people who are all joining you on your health and wellness journey through life. Being social helps to keep our minds sharp with conversation and helps us to remain” in the loop” of life. Sociability is what helps us to remain in check with reality and to expose ourselves to other people’s views of life.

We are all important and significant and it’s the pure pleasures of life, like when we bend down and can get up with ease and grace that makes it all worthwhile. So in the month of March, I hope you will dedicate yourself to rediscovering who you are and how you can make a change in your lifestyle for the better. Utilize your full potential to create your own fountain of youth by remaining active and celebrating who you are. I hope you continue to “March” on and transition into the best possible YOU ever.