Home of the Brave

There are many young men and women that leave to help protect our country and our FREEDOM. They give up their lives so we can maintain a FREE way of life. These men and women leave children, spouses and families behind to embark on a very difficult journey. They often return with traumatic memories or experiences which may cause them to struggle with returning to civilian life. Do we realize the magnitude of what these men and women have done for us and our country? I believe that perhaps we may sometimes take their sacrifice for granted. They give up so much at such a great price. They deserve our respect, compassion and understanding. Above all, they deserve our appreciation for what they have done for us and our country.

In this month of July I hope we can all show gratitude and provide an act of kindness towards our military so that they may feel appreciated for all they have done and do for our country. Thank you to ALL who served and have served. It is appreciated and we are grateful to walk freely and be a part of our great country. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Happy July 4th to all of our members and BE SAFE!