To grow means to expand and increase in size and substance by natural means. Why is it then that sometimes inward growth seems to stop or stall from time to time throughout life? Is it because it’s too hard to examine the aspects that can foster growth or is it because you are unsure of how to push yourself to think outside the box to become a forward thinker? It could also be because you simply don’t want to spend the time and effort to really examine what will help you grow.

Inward growth usually means confronting the aspects you don’t like about yourself. It can be difficult to look at these things because they might be painful or uncomfortable, and it can be scary or maybe you’re too stubborn to move forward. It’s often easier and more comfortable to stay in a secure holding pattern and push aside the challenge of adjusting life for the better. I feel that when a person becomes comfortable and complacent in life that’s when growth seems to cease.

In order for growth to occur, you need to look at the BIG picture and realize that the way you are thinking and conducting your life now will affect your growth and how life will be tomorrow. I see it all the time with people I am surrounded by. Yes, it’s about the here and now, but it’s also about creating what is yet to come! You are the only one who can either inflate or deflate your opportunities and what you will become. Great things just don’t fall into your lap; they are created and nourished with hard work, effort, determination and dedication toward a LARGER goal in life.

So, for the month of March, go out and seize each day. Work toward something bigger than your current situation. Look at life like it’s your oyster, and cultivate it to turn into something that is your dream. Make it your goal to grow this month, and try not to let mediocrity and complacency get in the way!