Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

VIVE's yoga classes help you achieve maximum relaxation and flexibility. Classes include everything from theory & philosophy to deep breathing, poses, and more. This ensures each member will get the full benefits of a mindful exercise routine. VIVE yoga classes are aimed at healing and rejuvenating the body by applying a mixture of alignment & therapeutic applications to get your muscles toned, body flexible, and promote relaxation.

VIVE yoga classes are open to all members and are aimed at all levels of fitness & flexibility.

The Power of Yoga

Do you want to take your yoga fitness to a new level? Try Vinyasa yoga, offered here at VIVE. With Vinyasa flow, you can deepen your practice, sweat more, breathe deeper, and become more flexible. The practice merges breath and movement in a room temperature of 80 degrees. The 60-minute class will challenge you to stretch your muscles, tone your body, release stress, and build endurance and concentration.

Free 3-day Pass
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Free 3-day Pass

Get a free 3-day pass to explore our facility and try our services. Offer valid for the residents of the nearby areas and includes any classes, cycling, yoga, sauna and more!

Classes for Beginners and Seniors

Yoga is a popular practice for all ages. From senior members to new members, our beginner yoga classes are recommended for you. VIVE offers a full group class schedule of options, so you will always find the perfect time slot for your lifestyle needs. Yoga is a great supplement for other workouts and adds resistance and cardiovascular training. Here are a few benefits:

  • Yoga classes for beginners can help lower blood pressure
  • Gym yoga can help relieve stress
  • Build strength and agility with yoga fitness
  • Improve your memory and concentration with special yoga exercises
  • Normalize your body weight with fun couple yoga classes
  • Try power yoga for a vigorous workout of strength and endurance
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase deep breathing
  • Prevent degenerative diseases
  • Practice anywhere, anytime
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