Frank Greco


When did you start at VIVE? June 2015

Did you recently complete an event or reach a personal milestone? I lost 100 pounds since joining VIVE.

How did VIVE help you reach your goals? Frank’s road to a better lifestyle began by joining the Healthy Start program. Following the two month program, Frank works with VIVE personal trainer, Brent Oliver, 2x per week.

What are your feelings about your experience, your future plans or goals, since reaching this milestone? I’m no spring chicken at the age of 55 and finding the self motivation at times can be difficult. But, I am thankful I have Brent in my corner. I have additional weight that I’d like to lose and I know I can count on Brent to challenge me in ways that I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to do by myself. I don’t look at going to VIVE as a chore—Brent makes working out fun and enjoyable!

Weight loss was not the only benefit of being a member of VIVE. I was taking abundance of medication and since the Healthy Start program and working with Brent; the medication has been lowered or eliminated.  

What is your advice to anyone looking to lose weight to improve their health? I was never a gym guy. I didn’t take my health serious enough until I was introduced to the Healthy start program. From the cutting edge programs that are individually tailored towards your personal goals, to the abeyance and professional staff, it only had taken me a few days to realize that VIVE can help me turn my life around.

Joining VIVE was transformative. I cannot begin to tell you how worth-it it was. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, no matter what their fitness level and no matter what their goal