Muscles and Mascara Program

Muscles and Mascara Program

Many women fear lifting weights and usually end up spending their valuable gym time doing endless amounts of “cardio” in an effort to lose unwanted pounds.Unfortunately, the majority of their efforts produce very little in the way of results. 

Muscles and Mascara gives women the direction they need to reap the benefits of strength training, while dispelling the myth that lifting weights will make women bulky and overly muscular. Participants will learn how to use a barbell and dumbbells in their training to build strength in the basic lifts. These lifts will be programmed to build lean muscle, burn body fat, and get you the results that hours on the treadmill couldn’t produce. Three different program variations are available, and they compliment one another to get you into your best shape.

Strength Training  Benefits Both Younger & Aging Women

Active adults risk losing as much as 8% muscle mass each decade. Aging women who workout & do resistance training can increase their resting metabolism by 7% to minimize muscle loss. A regular strength training program can also reduce body fat, burn calories, and lead to healthy weight loss. It will enhance and preserve muscle and bone mass no matter your age. Here are the benefits of strength training for women:

  • Women training as they age helps preserve muscle mass
  • Strength training benefits for women include weight control
  • Women strength training means more effective fat loss
  • Burn more calories at gym
  • Build lean curves
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • Keep your bones strong
  • It’s stress relief at its best!
  • Decrease risk of osteoporosis
  • Gain physical strength
  • Sleep better
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Suzanne Krispin

October 11
I love this gym.
#1 it's clean!
#2 the staff makes you feel at home.
#3 Dana! I couldn't do it without her, she's by far the best trainer that
I've personally worked with.
#4 the equipment is new
#5 LOVE the showers and sauna room

Sharon N.

I am no Spring Chicken
OK, I’ll be honest. I am no spring chicken. I’m a woman in my 60s and a business owner with a hectic schedule. I made a decision recently to cut into my precious work schedule and address my overdue health and fitness issues. Vive is the perfect fit. There I discovered the Gravity Training System.
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