VIVE's Revolution Program

VIVE's Revolution Program

Jumping straight into a high-intensity exercise routine can be intimidating for some people, especially if they suffer from medical conditions that might make exercise slightly more complicated. Having high blood pressure or lower back pain could cause you to question whether you could start a fitness program without worsening your pre-existing conditions.  

Revolution is a 60-day medically-referred fitness program that combines professional fitness and nutrition experts with VIVE's modern health and wellness equipment to produce powerful and safe results that could last a lifetime. The 60-day program will put each member on the right track to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Our fitness professionals and nutrition specialists will work closely with you to help create long-lasting, healthier habits to live by. Your first day will be an hour long evaluation- discussing your medical history and program details, setting goals, and developing a plan for the next 60 days.

The Benefits of RevolutionTraining a Medically-Guided Program.

Do you want to shed weight, get healthier, boost your energy levels, and make better lifestyle choices? Our medically-guided program will help you achieve this by working with VIVE coaches to find realistic and accountable goals. In a 60-day program, you will have access to classes, coaching, and so much more. Here are the benefits of revolution training included in Revolution:

  • 60-Day VIVE Membership
  • 16 One-on-one Personal Training Sessions (twice per week)
  • 2 Nutrition Counseling Appointments (once per month)
  • Access to over 55 group exercise classes per week
  • All-inclusive program: $119 
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Louise Menendez

January 19
I join the gym a year ago. I had 2 back surgeries and was reluctant to trust someone who knows how or has the experience to work with someone with back issues. I started my workouts with trainer, "Brent" he was great! He created a routine to strengthen my core and my back has never felt better. I continue my workouts and even added some classes.
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