Dustin Switzer


February, 2016

When did you start at VIVE?

I started at Vive around St Patrick’s Day 2015.

How did VIVE help you to reach your goals? 

I lost 36 pounds so far, VIVE helped me initially by providing access to the nutritional adviser, Ed, who refreshed me on what to eat and how much to eat.  By providing training sessions with Brent I got tips on proper form and what exercises to do to achieve my goals.

It’s been a great experience.  VIVE is an excellent facility and looking forward to your workout is what helps you work the hardest.

What are your future plans/goals since reaching this milestone?

My future plans include focusing on toning and maintaining the most problematic areas and hopefully inspiring friends to join who are as out of shape as I was a year ago. 

What is your advice to anyone looking to lose weight or improve their health?

My advice on how to best lose weight is to take the advice from the nutritionists and trainers, they know best!  But just eating as cleanly as you can and sticking to a plan, setting small goals and achieving them, and getting to the gym as consistently as you can is what works.