Commitment from the Heart

To be committed to something or someone means different things to different people. To me it means to be disciplined and loyal to what and who we are committed to. For example, being committed to an exercise routine means eating right, exercising regularly and sleeping on a regular basis so that our body can excel to its peak performance.

What happens when we commit to another human being? Do we take the time to nurture, feed it and give that person a mutual respect so that the relationship can flourish. Are we loyal, loving and committed to making ourselves the best we can be for that person and that relationship. It takes two people to make a loving, loyal and respectful relationship and life together whereas when you are on your own with exercise it’s ALL YOU…and your trainer if you are working with one.

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. What or who have you committed to lately? Have you given it your all and your undivided attention so that it can become the best that it can be. Whether it be your body or a relationship with a family member, friend, lover, or spouse have you reached a point of boredom or become stagnant. What do you do when a fitness routine or relationship becomes stagnant? Do you give up and just sit on the couch or do you keep going and try something different and new or innovative to spice it up.

No one is going to take YOUR commitments to the next level! It is up to you and you only to jump in with both feet and take the challenge to commit. It may be to commit to someone else you love or it may be to yourself. Whoever or whatever it is we need to realize one thing and that is commitment comes from deep within the depths of our heart and soul, a place where we are strong and our insecurities are passé. A place where we are not afraid to take a chance because we know even if it fails we will get back up brush ourselves off and try it again and again if necessary!

This month of February/Valentine’s Day take the challenge to commit and love yourself or that other person. Go to a level of commitment that makes you and what you believe in count.
“Commit Don’t Quit”!!!! Happy Valentine’s day 🙂