Comfort Zone

We often preach about exercise, fitness and nutrition and how it needs to become a lifestyle change so that it develops into an everyday habit. So day in and day out we sweat, train ,exercise and get fit while trying to balance our nutrition as well. Inevitably, a problem arises when we hit a plateau and can’t seem to move forward in achieving the goals we have set for ourselves in achieving our “new” lifestyle.

The mistake we all make is that we become so reliant on our old tried and true exercise and nutrition routines which prevents us from stepping out of our own individual comfort zone. Staying in the same routine lends our bodies to adapt to this routine and our body (through natural adjustments) devises a way to make our body more efficient in performing the exercises so you end up getting less and less out of the hard work you are putting in. Hence, that’s why it is so easy to stick with the same routine as it just gets more comfortable and easier to do.

What does all this mean? It means that our body has now become used to the type of exercise routine that we have established. When this happens it simply means YOUR body is not changing and it is staying the same. So the roll around your midsection or the flabby arms you would like to tone will never happen unless you step “OUTSIDE” your comfort zone.

This is achieved by starting a new routine every 6 weeks or so and giving up the same old routine we have been doing not only for months, but for years. I know all about this because I’ve been there. I became addicted to the same old routine and my body found it easy to cycle four days a week but I neglected the rest of my overall physical fitness in doing so and became stuck in trying to reach my goals. So if all you do is cycle pick something new like a R.I.P.P.E.D. class or challenge yourself to Yoga and if you are not cycling  just walk in and give it a spin. The instructors are great and they would love to show and explain all about their craft of cycling.

I know some of these classes can look scary from the outside, but every single person in these classes were in the same spot YOU are……trying it for the first time.

Yes, we can always go back to the old routine, but it’s important to always rotate our regimen so that our body never gets use to it. Our bodies tend to hang on to the same things because we’ve become comfortable there and I am here to share with you…. that life really starts when you step outside of your comfort zone. When you finally do step outside the box you will begin to see larger strides toward a changed body and this not only pertains to exercise, but it also refers to life in general. Always try to change things up, always move forward and remember  “Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone”.