Celebrate the Little Things

Everyone talks about living in the moment, but what does that really mean to you?

To me it means to be more cognitively aware of what life is trying to show us. It’s the smallest of moments like when a complete stranger may do an act of kindness for us, or when our significant other wipes away a tear and says “I Love You,” or perhaps when a Mom still cares for her children even though she is sick.

It’s hard to always live life being acutely aware of what is happening around us. Some are clueless and others are spot on and know exactly what and who they are grateful for. Is it that sometimes we just go through life and take things for granted? I see it all the time in the healthcare industry. People constantly think their bodies will hold up through poor habits and lifestyles, but it’s important to take care of the temple in which our body resides. It’s the only one we have!

Being appreciative and grateful for the small things in our lives is what enables us to be truly authentic to who we are as human beings. All the little moments in life are what are woven together to make the larger moments in our lives.

In relationships, the small moments that we spend with others strengthens and cohesively bond our relationships together. Perhaps it’s the cup of tea we have with a grandmother, or sometimes it’s sacrificing our own time, to help someone else. Do we look at those moments in an irritable way because they are taking away from our own time or do we look at the fact that we may be making a difference in someone else’s life? I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes all of us need to take a deep breath and really look at the little moments and things in life as gifts to appreciate. It is in that gratefulness and appreciation that I think you will find the richness of your life.

I’ve learned this much in my life……never take anyone or anything for granted because it could be gone in a heartbeat. Take the time in May to become more aware of all the wonderful little moments that are happening around you each and every day. Give thanks for them and really appreciate the moment that they are presented to you in!

To all of our Moms …..Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are celebrated all year round and that you live in the moments of your life.