Believing in a Better You

Obesity was recently defined as a disease by the American Medical Association. The AMA feels that obesity is a serious health problem and a rising epidemic. The AMA statistics show that more than one-third of adults and about 12.5 million children in this country are obese. Furthermore, evidence in studies has shown that by the year 2040, roughly half the adult population may be obese.

It’s scary to really look at these statistics and not want to do something about it! It appears to me that something needs to change amongst the adults in the world because our children are learning this type of eating and bad exercise behaviors from us. Kids learn what they live so if they aren’t being taught from the adult population than maybe it’s time to change ourselves.

Why do you think so many adults are overweight? Do you think it’s because they have totally given up on remaining active and eating nutritionally? There’s something to be said about feeling good about one’s self on the inside as well as on the outside. I think the part that most people misconstrue when they look at someone that is in shape is that they tend to most times think that it’s so easy for them to be in shape, or they have good genetics.

Well I can tell you from experience that it is NOT easy for anyone. First of all there is a tremendous amount of discipline required in crafting your diet into healthy eating habits. This coupled with the many hours of sweat, planning and large amounts of strength training to mold and sculpt our bodies. Sometimes it takes being sore from a routine or sweating a little more than usual to get results, but that’s how we reach our end goals!  It takes dedication and will power to want to get to that end result of a NEW YOU!

A very important part of the journey is envisioning the person YOU want to become. Hang up those skinny jeans where you can see them every day or try on that fitted dress shirt every once in a while to keep your vision on track. When the mind and body make that connection the weight practically falls off bringing it all to fruition. Everyone is so different and what we don’t realize is that there is a different formula for each and every one of us to shed weight.

The hard part is realizing that obesity isn’t just about vanity reasons, it’s more importantly about our health and wellbeing. As our weight increases, so does our risk for several weight-related diseases. To name a few; Coronary Artery disease; Type 2 diabetes; various Cancers such as endometrial, breast and colon; hypertension; stroke; sleep apnea and several others.  For that reason alone it is imperative to take care of our health before it’s too late.

We all need to take accountability for our own health, weight, and mental acuity. If YOU don’t take care about yourself than who will?

Remember it’s not easy to get out of bed sometimes on a cold or rainy day or come after a hard day at work, but after we are done with our workout our minds and body flow as ONE. It’s an awesome sight to see some of our members start to GLOW with excitement because they have lost some weight and are getting compliments from others that care about them. Their blood pressure or cholesterol numbers have dropped getting them to beam with pride and rightfully so because there is something to show for all their hard work. I have to say that is the purest reason why VIVE was created…….to help and show people how to help themselves achieve a healthier lifestyle.

If your reason is you don’t know what to do or how to work out or just how to get started,  please just ask our trainers or our staff and they would be more than happy to give you some pointers to help you along the way to a better YOU! Everyone deserves to be the BEST they can be………don’t YOU agree????  All the BEST on your fitness journey and a healthy NEW lifestyle.