April: Tools of Challenge

It seems in life we always tend to cling to the reassurances that make us feel comfortable without effort. You know what I mean- like the comfort we feel from an old t-shirt that has holes in it and we can see through. Funny thing is sometimes we outgrow some of those safe places in our lives. The places where we just kind of coast through everyday life and never challenge who we truly are. How can we possibly grow from being in the same holding pattern all the time? We can’t! In order to grow as a person we need to always be seeking the best side of ourselves.

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of the challenge of exercising because it makes our bodies work harder, or because it makes us sweat too much, but isn’t that why we are here???  When we challenge our body it propels it to a place where it feels better, looks better and a place that helps our minds become filled with clear and decisive thinking. It is well known throughout literature that exercise not only helps our physical body, but it helps relieve stress, and it also helps us mentally. It clears the cob webs from our mind so we can think more clearly and creatively well into our golden years.

The lifestyle change we speak of at VIVE applies to all of us in the same way. We are here to give you the tools, the nutrition and the exercise routines for YOU to utilize throughout your lifetime. We feel all of these tools will help support you and enhance who you truly are. This is especially true during those times when life gets emotionally hard, or when we are battling a surgery or coming back from an injury. It is during these times that you can reach into your toolbox and pull out the very things you have been taught to help you cope. You see….. your toolbox is now filled with the very tried and true methods that we believe in here at VIVE.

If you are willing to give us your best and willing to try our VIVE lifestyle change, you will notice that through time….just like family and friends…..the VIVE lifestyle will never fail you. It is in your toolbox just waiting for you to reach in and grab it.

It’s important in life to never stop challenging yourself!!! It’s not the challenges or the adversity in life that keep us strong, but it’s how many times you are able to get back up and rise above the challenge that keep the body and mind on a more balanced and even keel so that it can be utilized at its full capacity.

So I hope in April you will take FULL advantage of what VIVE has to offer you. Take all the small things in your life in stride and reach into your toolbox often, so you can utilize the tools you have been given to help you stay on top of your game in becoming the best YOU ever!