Ahhh yes, the holidays are here again

Ah yes the holidays are here again!!!! The rushing around trying to find the perfect gift, picking out the perfect outfit, or maybe it’s deciding who will host the holiday dinner this year? The worst part is the STRESS that manifests in our bodies from all the chaos around the holidays. Stress is the body’s way of feeling the frustration and strain we place upon ourselves to make the holidays perfect. The truth is all that running around really just puts more stress on our bodies. The key is how do we deal with all the STRESS? Do we eat, do we drink or maybe we just lay on the couch waiting for the holidays to pass? So it would behoove me at this point to say, that some sort of physical activity will help relieve the stress from the body so we can enjoy our holiday. It takes the edge off so we can relax with our families as well as have some fun ourselves.

The holidays are a great time to enjoy our families and friends with a celebration around the table. It’s all the traditions we celebrate by breaking bread with our families and the significant people in our lives. This is where all of our memories are made. It’s where the smiles turn into belly laughs and those laughs turn into cherished memories.

So no matter which holiday you celebrate please slow down this season……take some time for yourself to exercise and burn off some calories, or maybe do some yoga to help ease your mind….or better yet, just hang out with us over at VIVE! We love seeing you and spending some moments with you to wish you a Happy Holiday.

Thanks again to all our members for believing in us here at VIVE. It is all of YOU that help to keep us coming back day after day to be a part of your fitness journey. We want all our members to be happy, healthy and well. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have one of the most gratifying jobs……….making a difference in someone’s life.

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Happy Holidays to YOU and your families,

Diane Insalaco