Acts of Kindness

I often wonder some days about how did we get so brittle and inflexible as a society. Why is it that we can’t seem to trust anyone unless they have a tried and true track record with us. I truly believe that every person has some goodness in them. Is it because we all have become hardened through the everyday woes of life that we turn a blind eye to how very lucky we actually are.

At times we feel like we want to do something nice for someone and stop and question ourselves as to whether or not it is a good idea. I am sure you have heard the cynical expression that “no good deed goes unpunished”. We often stop ourselves from being kind and generous to others and why is that? Is it because our kindness will be revealed and people will think any less of us, or is it because people will think we are soft and take advantage of us. Is it because we wonder what’s in it for me or perhaps it’s because we are in such denial about how inflexible we’ve actually become that an act of goodness would be something completely out of character for us.

I feel that it is important to put acts of kindness out there to others. When giving to others something happens within us…our hearts become filled with love for not only that person but for ourselves as well. It is a reminder that you actually have the ability to play a small but significant part in making someone feel loved. If everyone gave with kindness and goodness from their heart, then maybe it would have a huge effect on everyone as a whole.

It has to start somewhere. So why not let it start with YOU?? Find someone like a family member, a friend, a neighbor or even better a stranger. Do something kind from your heart…like buy someone behind you a coffee or send some food over to a neighbor. You will be amazed at how your life will change from giving to others. The most surprising thing will be how you view yourself. Pay close attention to how you feel after an act of kindness because when we give to others our hearts grow and in turn we receive back what we just gave to another…KINDNESS!!!!