Why Vive

Vive is not your average gym

Founder, Diane and her family imagined a different kind of “gym” when they built Vive Health and Fitness in 2012. Their vision was to create not just a “gym”, but a full-service health club where everyone could get healthy and fit, with educational programs, and health and wellness programs of an unprecedented caliber.

Vive members achieve their goals because we make sure they do. Our Fitstart program, offered to every new member, is comprised of a 1-hour fitness assessment and  and a 30-minute fitness consultation. Designed to ensure you get the most out of your membership, the Fitstart program will document your starting point, establish your goals and most importantly, create a support system with our team of fitness and nutrition professionals. In addition, our programs represent different SOLUTIONS that meet the needs of our vast range of members while making it EASY and FUN to work out. Our staff represents the most professional and highly service-oriented team in the industry, dedicated to helping our members meet their goals.

We all share one common goal, to be healthier tomorrow than we are today!