I am no Spring Chicken

“OK, I’ll be honest. I am no spring chicken. I’m a woman in my 60s and a business owner with a hectic schedule. I made a decision recently to cut into my precious work schedule and address my overdue health and fitness issues. Vive is the perfect fit. There I discovered the Gravity Training System. It is one of the most time-efficient fitness programs I have ever experienced! Sessions run under one hour and I am working every muscle group. Sessions are in a small group setting and our certified instructor, Connie, takes special care to address any fitness priorities and/or weaknesses I have. The Gravity equipment is easy to use, and both fun and challenging. I always walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and truly look forward to achieving many of my fitness goals through the use of Gravity. Thanks Connie, and thanks Vive!”
Sharon N. | June 11, 2014

Kettlebell Kamp Never Gets Boring

“The Kettle Bell Kamp at Vive is a very challenging, yet enjoyable group personal training session. In every workout, you combine techniques learned in your first workout with new techniques in subsequent workouts in order to create challenging and unique workouts. This way, your workout never get boring, which makes it easier to achieve your personal fitness goals.”
Theresa D. | May 10, 2014

A Huge Plus to my Membership at Vive
“There is a simple elegance to full body fitness with kettlebells that is really appealing. A kettlebell session seamlessly connects conditioning and strength-building exercises and is a great alternative or break from a machine-delivered workout. Meeting up with Tom for his kettlebell-focused workouts has been a big plus to my membership at Vive.”
Anne P. | May 6, 2014

Improvement in Muscle and Cardiovascular Endurance
“I’ve been participating in Dana’s Kinetic Surge groups for over one year. I have seen significant improvement in the amount of muscle and its definition. Unlike traditional resistance exercise, I have had the added bonus of a significant increase in cardiovascular endurance. The workouts are challenging, but fun. It is a great group activity. I do it with my family and friends. The instructor is, without a doubt, the quintessential professional you would only expect to find in a big city.”
Len J. | April 27,2014

I am Stronger and Healthier Because of Her
“I have been training with Dana for 9 months and have seen amazing results during this time. I have lost significant weight and inches during this time. I Personal Strength train with Dana three times a week and I do Metabolic Rev and Kinetic Surge for cardio and endurance. Dana is passionate about fitness and it shows in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to each session. She pushes me to do my best and helps me push past my perceived limitations to get results. I am stronger and healthier because of her, My balance, energy and flexibility have also significantly improved. If you want to change your life and be stronger and healthier, I can not recommend Dana highly enough!”
Courtney C. | April 1, 2014

Metabolic Rev is Fun and Challenging
“Metabolic Rev is a fun and challenging way to increase my strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. I love the fact that you can burn so many calories and continue to burn without lifting a single weight. More importantly, I love that no workout is the same and I am continuously tested mentally and physically.”
Elizabeth C. | March 3, 2014

Not Like Any Other Gym
“Vive is not like any other gym. The staff is welcoming and very helpful. Classes are wonderful and I love how each class targets something different. The facility is very clean and well run.”
Sarah Konopka | January 5, 2014

I Love the Juice Bar
“I love the juice bar and how inspired I get by all the people who talk about how much vive has changed their lives.”
Elyssa Yanik | January 4, 2014

The Passion Behind the Staff
“Hands down the positive energy that radiates and hits you the minute you set foot through those front doors. Being appreciated and valued for who you are despite the fact that we are all hard on ourselves. The passion behind the entire staff all the way to the core of Vive, Diane and Paul. I have never enjoyed such an environment and will continue to support Vive each and every day.”
Whitney Peterson Wrobleski | January 3, 2014

Triple Threat
“Amazing atmosphere, Incredible programs, and Great People make Vive the Triple Threat!!!”
Jeff Conway | January 3, 2014

Support and Knowledge
“I quit so many gyms over the years because they never had the right combination for me. Now that I have been at Vive for 4 months, I will NEVER leave! I could go on for days, but I would say that the staff is the main reason I keep going. If it wasn’t for their support and knowledge, I would still be scared of the gym!”
Jan Ashford | January 3, 2014

I Thank Vive
“I initially came to Vive to see a nutritionist. I took advantage of the two-week free trial membership and after this I knew I would become a member, with the variety of classes, equipment and friendly staff. I look forward to continuing my membership and taking part in their nutritional program and achieving my goals. I thank Vive and staff for help making this happen.”
Jessica Floryan Podlaski | January 3, 2014

I Love Everything
“I love everything at Vive. The variety of classes makes going to the gym exciting. From pilates to virtual cycling, you can’t get bored. I also love all the challenging machines, the friendly and welcoming staff, and let’s not forget the delicious and healthy fruit smoothies.”
Amanda Riemensnyder | January 2, 2014

I Can’t Pick One
“I love the cycling classes, yoga, functional training, beautiful atmosphere and amazing members/staff. I can’t just pick one.”
Gretchen Swartwood | January 2, 2014

Cleanliness, Friendliness, and Knowledge
“I love everything about Vive! The cleanliness, friendliness, and knowledge of everyone who works there! THE best gym in the area!”
Kim Sweeney | January 2, 2014

Top Notch
“The best part about Vive is the overall atmosphere. I’ve never been a member of a total gym before & I couldn’t be happier with Vive. It’s so relaxed & the staff is so friendly. Plus, the equipment & classes are top notch. I get the best possible workout I can each time I step into the building.”
Kayleigh Peters | January 1, 2014

Love, Love, Love
“Love the classes and instructors … Love the trainers … Love the juice bar … Love the Staff … Love the atmosphere … Love Vive!!!”
Connie Capozza | January 1, 2014

Love the Helpful Staff
“I really love the helpful staff. You can tell they really love their jobs and genuinely like helping Vive members.”
Sharon Strunk | January 1, 2014

Very Helpful and Supportive
“The best gym I’ve ever been to. Everyone is very helpful and supportive, not to mention the beautiful environment and all of the different classes offered. Definitely 5 stars!!!”
Erin Carrasquillo | August 4, 2013

The Best Part, I Think, is the Staff
“I am SO excited. Vive is the gym of my dreams. Vive is not only beautiful, it is laid out really well; you don’t find yourself walking through a maze of halls trying to find the next machine or the right workout room. The best part, I think, is the staff. They have all been so approachable and helpful!”
Angela Greco | April 8, 2013

Enjoyed My Experience at Vive IMMENSELY
“I have really enjoyed my experience at Vive IMMENSELY. The instructors are not only certified, but are cross-trained and can fill in doing another class, if necessary. What I also find helpful is they easily suggest things you should/ shouldn’t do to help your exercise and to not hurt/injure yourself. The spin classes have been outstanding. With a number of instructors trained, the classes have been a challenge and enjoyable. The new virtual ride is unbelievable. You actually feel like you are riding with the riders on the screen. The other really amazing part of Vive is the locker room. It is luxurious and you feel like you are in an exclusive club. The sauna is great and the steam bath fantastic. They have everything you could need.”
Don Warren | February 8, 2013

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
“In addition to providing a fantastic fitness atmosphere suitable for anyone, Vive has all the aesthetics that move it above and beyond any other gym. The staff is absolutely great and can provide you with the tools and knowledge you require to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. “
Justin Tamanini | January 9, 2013

Bright, Clean and Roomy
“One can marvel at the state-of-the-art exercise equipment and all of the specialty exercise classes that are available; but for me, it is the inviting atmosphere that has been created. Vive is bright, clean and roomy and staffed by a group of people who are friendly and always willing to help. What a great addition to our community.”
Stephen Alinikoff | January 9, 2013

First Class Fitness Center
“What I love most about Vive is the great variety of group classes that are offered. There is something for everyone, for all fitness levels — from yoga and Zumba, to R.I.P.P.E.D. and virtual cycling. The instructors at Vive are amazing. They are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about fitness and always try to encourage members to work to their maximum potential. I love that they are aware of each person’s ability level and take the time to demonstrate the correct form and technique. The facility is in a great location and is amazing; there is state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful locker rooms and a fantastic cycling room. I am very happy to be a member of Vive. It is a first-class fitness center.”
Marie Warren | January 6, 2013

Absolutely Love Gravity
“Absolutely love Gravity – great workout and challenge! I have been going to the gym for a year now and I see results from this type of training. I feel stronger and am happy with the way I look. Connie is wonderful too, very helpful and a positive reinforcement.”
Denise L. | July 3, 2014

A Stress Reliever
“Gravity…instead of pulling you down, it picks you up! It is a muscle relaxer and a stress reliever. This is the best total body workout I have ever done. Your aches and pains equal your gains.”
Nancy W. | June 27, 2014

The Ideal Place for a Better Me
“Since joining Vive, I have restarted my commitment to lead a healthier and fit lifestyle — “Lifestyle” being the correct choice to describe my experience. It has become the ideal place for a better me!”
Loren Grossman | December 26, 2012

The Best Experience Possible
“The Vive experience is like no other in our area. The building is beautiful with state-of-the-art equipment and fantastic showers. Everyone is very friendly and they make sure you have the best experience possible. They have the best fitness instructors and offer many great classes. The cycling classes are beyond compare. Everyone is very supportive and willing to help you achieve all your goals. I have been a member of various fitness centers over the years and they all fell short of my expectations. Vive is everything I was looking for and more. I love being a Vive member.”
Irene Wendoloski | December 15, 2012