Corey Owen

Bio picture coming soon-Associates Degree in the study of Personal Training from Pinnacle Career Institute

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified

-Cross Country Education Certificate in Evidence Based Strength and Conditioning

-VIPR Certified

-TRX Certified

“Healthy” and “fit” haven’t always been accurate terms to describe my lifestyle.  For the majority of my childhood, I was out of shape, overweight and down on myself.  I was first introduced to fitness through my father.  He was a Marine and competed in body building competitions.  He got me started with a clean diet and a steady routine of cardio and strength training. This is when i began to understand and adopt healthy habits that have been instrumental in shaping my idea of fitness and wellness.

My focus is on training clients the most holistic approach to fitness as possible.  I study and participate in martial arts, yoga, resistance training, power lifting, circuit training, running, cycling and basic to advanced movement training.

My goals as a trainer are to take on the challenge of any and all types of clients.  I love helping to change lifestyles for the better! I look forward to working with you on your specific goals based around your current fitness level, health history background and lifestyle.