A Matter of Trust

As children, we are taught to always tell the truth growing up. If we didn’t tell the truth there were consequences, especially if your parents found out about it from someone else!! Hence the phrase “Out of the mouths of babes” is so telling because children know no other way but to speak the truth from their hearts. So why is it as we age that we start with the occasional white lie and then sometimes they tend to get larger over the years. Is it because we want to be liked by others, or is because we don’t want others to see who we really are. I actually find it quite refreshing when I meet someone who is honest and forthright with me and shoots from the hip. I always know where I stand with that person.

As I age, I realize more and more that trusting someone and who they really are is something that is earned like a badge of courage. Trust shouldn’t always be given out like candy. It is something that is earned by a person’s actions, thoughts, and allegiance toward a person, or group of people.

It always astounds me how sometimes people of different generations feel they should be trusted merely because they are a human being. To me, a hand shake or looking into someone’s eyes means speaking the truth and this is all that is necessary to form a bond of trust between you. In that unspoken trust, that person always stood by you through thick and thin and didn’t change the contract of trust just because they felt like it or were tempted by other circumstances.

Honesty and truth is something that should be worn as a badge of honor and should be a part of the woven fabric of our being. This is what being HUMAN is all about; to be able to be up front and forthright within all of our relationships, whether it’s a personal, business or a friendship relationship…all of these people are worthy of the truth.

So next time you feel like twisting the truth or even if you want to withhold information…take a step back and give that person the courtesy and honor of telling them the truth. It may hurt their feelings or it may mean something has to change, but they’ll get through it. It’s when we are deceitful to another person that the scars go a lot deeper and sometimes are irreparable.